Issue no. 1 - Ladies of new york

The brainstorming of this zine first came about at a time when we were speaking of the shared experiences women have in New York City: getting on a train and having to witness manspreading at the most inconvenient of times, not being able to walk around on a swelteringly hot day without feeling like your spaghetti straps and shorts will warrant unwanted attention, or feeling as if your identity automatically puts you in danger when you aren’t accompanied by another person. We knew that these were manifestations of the larger societal issue that patriarchy is entrenched in almost every aspect of our interactions. We aim to combat this entrenchment by creating an outlet for expressing a togetherness that we know could be strengthened when given the chance.  With Crystelle’s photography and my words, we knew we’d be able to put down something worth picking up.  Then Donald Trump’s presidency happened, and we spent a lot of time feeling depressed and disillusioned. When we saw the extremely problematic legislation being put into place this year, and specifically the cuts being made to Planned Parenthood, Crystelle decided to curate a show to help combat its defunding.  With a group photography show dedicated to New York City women’s health, we figured it was the perfect time to launch our first edition of Cooties. Not only would it be a great opportunity for us to express ourselves as female creatives, but it would also be a really beneficial outlet for other New York artists to have their work shown. We hope to eventually curate each issue surrounding different women’s topics, cultures, and experiences while giving those artists an opportunity to raise their voice.