Crystelle is an artist creating and hustling in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from The School of Visual Arts in 2017 with a BFA in Photography and Video. Disappointed and frustrated in the lack of representation within the art community and everyday life, she decided to created Cooties. A space and community for the voices of all female identifying creators. When she is not producing, curating or styling, Crystelle enjoys fighting the patriarchy, cuddling with her two rescued pitbulls and twerking in her room to Cardi B.

“My feminism is a feminism in which my body is my own. It is not a ground for political debate. My feminism is a world in which women hold the powers to be who they want with no judgement. Feminism is not feminism unless its intersectional and sex positive, duh .”




Haley is a scientist, artist and radical intersectional feminist working and living in NYC. She studies the science of sleep and makes art that investigates the female body as an object in medical contexts. She is the Creative Director for Cooties (does that make her a (content creator"? *groans*). Haley's greatest passion, however, lies in fighting for justice on behalf of sexual assault survivors. She hopes to become a lawyer and work on policy change relating to gender-based violence.

“My feminism demands accountability and growth. Social justice and self-accountability go hand in hand, especially for privileged parties. They are mutually inclusive-one cannot exist without the other. Everyone makes mistakes in their journey through feminism, but it is the ability to humble oneself enough to admit wrongdoing and commit to change that makes a true feminist.”



Social Media and Events Coordinator

Taylor attended LIM College where she earned her bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing. She is an essential part of on social media presence where she creates compelling, thought-provoking content to awaken the feminist in all of you. Taylor has a passion for pop culture, the spiritual realm, iced coffee, artisan cheese and bouchée wine. She hates loud, crowded places and likes to be in bed by 10 to watch the Golden Girls.   

“My feminism uplifts all other women. No matter what shape, size or color while acknowledging everyones individual experience. There is already so much stacked against us that we should never be tearing each other down. We’re stronger together than apart and there’s certainly enough sun for everyone.”




Kasey Rodriguez is a photographer who’s focusing on a long-term personal documentary project about The Bronx, New York. Self taught, she later attended and graduated from the School of Visual Arts for Photography and Video, receiving a BFA in Photography and Video in 2016. Her work has been featured in A.R.T.S.Y Magazine, The Fader, and aCurator, combining documentary and fashion photography as well as musicians and their concerts. She has created handmade books ranging in abstract and documentary photography, as well as zines on personal projects involving fashion and the nightlife of The Bronx.




As a Supply Chain Management and Information System graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Filana learned how to manage finances and efficient business system as well as how to use that knowledge to ensure that Cooties has the ability to support and give back to our community.. Aside from creating cool content with some amazing women, she also freelances as a makeup artist and can throw it down in the kitchen, putting together some rad recipes.

“My Feminism uplifts other women to be comfortable in their own skin no matter what “societies standards” says about them. Every person should be able to be confident in who they are and not bringing anyone to a different level based on appearance or personality. Every female identifying person is amazing and strong in their own way.”




Camille is a New York native born to really cool French parents. She was encouraged to create from a young age, inspired by her surroundings, trips to museums and art galleries, and watching classic films. After graduating from American University in 2017, she returned to NYC, motivated to use her film degree to create films and videos that are empowering, entertaining, and educational. She started a production company called Trash Head Productions with two friends and joined Cooties to assist with video production and content creation.

“My feminism is a platform to elevate everyone to an equal playing field, granting access to the same opportunities and freedom of choice to all. It is intersectional and inclusive, as well as compassionate and understanding of everyone's individual backgrounds and experiences. As a filmmaker, I am passionate about representation and the medium's ability to convey experiences and emotions in such a personal and powerful way. “




Erin Carr is a lens-based artist living in Brooklyn. She received her BFA in Photography and Video from the School of Visual Arts. She makes work around the philosophy of self, gender as performance and the American condition. She is a firm believer that art education and art appreciation can open the world to a lot of positive change. Erin is the Creative Consultant at Cooties, advising on various Cooties projects from assisting the curation of group shows to photographing feature artists to just being there for moral support. 

“My feminism is intersectional. My feminism is constantly changing and growing into something better. My feminism is doing or being whatever you want as long as it is not harming yourself or others. My feminism tries to treat everyone with respect and empathy....We’re only on this Earth for a short period of time, might as well try to make it a better place together.”